About This Project

Terra Expert all-in-one Guinea Pig


The needs of the animal first and foremost

To complete its Terra range, Vadigran has created Terra Expert Guinea Pigs which will favour the rational aspect with an all-in-one food for guinea pigs. Terra Expert is indeed a tailor-made mono-composed, extruded range to satisfy guinea pigs.


The expert’s choice


The preferred choice of veterinarians

  • Nutritional balance
  • All the nutrients it nedds in the right proportion
  • A healthy animal and in good shape


The satisfaction of the owners

  • Delicious and healthy nutrition
  • Terra Expert brings peace of mind
  • Perfect alternative between quality in both nutrition and taste


The breeder’s choice :

  • Balanced proportion of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
  • Without the need for additional food supplements
  • The simplest and fastest solution for use


Loyal to the Terra philosophy

  • Natural and varied nutrition
  • The best ingredients are selected to make up each pellet
  • Perfect compromise between the best of nature and the most up-to-date scientific techniques


Wellness and satisfaction of the guinea pig

Terra Expert also convinced the real experts: the animals. The product was developed following numerous acceptance tests and preferences: they chose and adopted our delicious granules Terra Experts !


The little extra ‘s

  • Great variety of aromatic herbs for delicious  taste.
  • With rose hip: source of vitamin C and antioxydant
  • With cranberries for their positive effect on the urinary tract and antioxydant
  • With 1000mg/kg vitamin C: ideal for guinea pigs which are unable to synthesize it





Up to 25% raw and unmilled fibres for optimal digestion and natural tooth wear









Without starchy cereals for healthy intestinal flora and low caloric intake








Based on timothy-grass for high palatability, good digestion, and satisfied needs with low calcium and protein content








Daily portion





Available in

375g – 900g – 2kg – 6 kg



Complete food


Timothy hay, Potato starch, Sunflower seed meal, Pea fibre, Rapeseed expeller, Linseed meal, Cranberry, Linseed, Sunflower oil, Chicory roots, Calcium carbonate, Rose Hips, Herbs (basil, rosemary, nettle, coriander, mint), Soy protein concentrate, Lysine.



Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 15,50%; Crude fat 3,10%; Crude fibre 24,80%; Crude ash 8,40%; Calcium 0,57%; Phosphorus 0,37%; Sodium 0,20%.
Additives/kg: Vitamin A 12.000 IU; Vitamin D3 1.200 IU; Vitamin E 48mg; Vitamin C 1.000mg; E1-Iron (Iron-(II)-sulphate, Monohydrate)90mg; E4-Copper (Copper-(II)-Sulphate, Pentahydrate) 18mg; E6-Zinc (Zincoxide) 90mg; E5-Manganese (Manganese-(II)-oxide) 36mg; E2-Iodine (Calciumiodate, Waterless) 1,2mg; E8-Selenium (Sodiumselenite) 0,24mg; Antioxidants.

Guinea Pig