About This Project

Terra Chinchilla


Choose Terra CHINCHILLA and your pet will enjoy delicious, natural tastes and aromas. It’s a bowlful of Pure Wellness, a party for the digestive system. It’s delicious and healthy!


Perfect Digestion

chinchilla-1The right ingredients adjusted to the every animal’s requirements ensures perfect digestion and optimal health.





High Fibres 22%

chinchilla-2Lots of delicious alfalfa grass makes for perfect digestion. Ensures optimal tooth and metabolic health!





Willow Dental +

chinchilla-3Unique! Pieces of willow are synonymous with optimal tooth wear. And as you know, willow bark is used in natural medicine.






Daily advice

15 – 35 gr / day + water




Available in

1 kg / 2,25kg


Complete animal food



Vegetable by-products, grains, vegetables, willow (2%). ANALYTICAL COMPOSITION 14% Crude protein, 2.5% Crude fat, 22% Crude cellulose, 6 % Crude ash, 0.46% Phosphorous, 0.91% Calcium, 0.03% Sodium. ADDITIVES/KG 10100 IU Vit. A, 1250 IU Vit. D3, 40 mg Vit. E, 127 mg Vit. C 75 mg Iron (E1), 1 mg Iodine (E2), 0.5 mg Cobalt (E3), 15 mg Copper (E4), 30 mg Manganese (E5), 75 mg Zinc (E6), 0.2 mg Selenium (E8), preservatives, colourings, antioxidants.