Terra L'histoire

Once upon a time, Terra …

The Terra range is the result of an extensive study on the eating habits of wild animals.

In the end, it is an innovative food range which reproduces, in every respect, the food that these wild rabbits and small animals find every day in the wild was created.

And when we consider how essential nutrition is in the welfare, health and longevity of an animal, we can see how important it is to carefully choose the daily meals of these much-loved, small animals.

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“Terra, it’s good for our health you know!”

Terra is a particularly healthy diet for rabbits and small animals as it takes into account each animal’s nutritional needs, according to their nature and natural environment.


High in fibre, Terra facilitates gastrointestinal transit. This is not done by adding sugar or starch, but by adding the ideal amount of natural vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. The presence of alfalfa is also important as it brings fibre and the natural prebiotic role it plays. This stimulates the animal’s intestinal flora and enhances its natural immunity.

“Terra, it’s absolutely in my nature!”

Terra only contains ingredients that rabbits find in their natural environment. This is an important aspect, as their dietary needs and taste do not change when they are domesticated.

By choosing authentic and natural ingredients, Terra is in tune with today’s “return to nature”. Without excess fat, sugar but with plenty of fibre.


“And you, what do you prefer taste-wise?”

Terra provides all rabbits and small animals with a healthy and varied diet thanks to its particularly tasty and nutritious ingredients. It ensures a balanced diet through both the presence of alfalfa – an excellent source of fibre – and protein but also by adding lots of tasty vegetables such as carrots, leeks, parsnips, beetroot and peas.


These vegetables add flavour to the vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements. For omnivores, there is also a varied selection of fruits, nuts, seeds and animal protein with mealworms.

“After a nice Terra meal, I always have a nap!”

Small animals naturally gnaw! It’s instinctive and their digestive system is designed accordingly. Their diet must therefore fulfil, in every respect, those needs.

They often spend all day grazing on natural fibres, which also prevents them from getting bored. This activity is just as important for their psychological balance! Any abnormal behaviour or disruptive change can be detected very quickly in a happy pet. In order to avoid this, Terra optimally combines all the necessary ingredients for their wellbeing.