15 Oct My rabbit won’t eat

It is very important for rabbits to eat well. Not eating on time can cause problems for the digestive system. And this can in turn lead to other major problems. Rabbits may eat less if they: Don’t like their food Have pain somewhere Are suffering enormous stress Sometimes rabbits...

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01 Oct Rabbits and digestion.

Rabbits are herbivores and because they are small, they have a high metabolism which means that it cannot survive on a low-energy diet. Another consequence of this is that rabbits make excellent prey and they have to be very agile and athletic in order to...

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a temps chez vétérinaire

01 Sep Get to the vet in time!

The most fearful and famous diseases to affect rabbits are Myxomatosis, VHS and Myiasis. Myxomatosis is a viral disease and is part of the pox family of viruses. The main signs are swellings around the genitals and the head. Swollen eyes, infections on the eyes and...

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